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May 6, 2021
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The story of this game is to protect the enemy from the black door.

Red and Yellow Larva The main character of the game lives in the sewers of New York City. But suddenly they were angry about the enemy attack. The reason is larval’s favorite sausage has been stolen by enemies in search of new energy sources. You can choose red and yellow larva hero characters and summon hero friends. Please eat sausages to prevent enemy attacks.



Larva is a popular animated series that revolves in red and yellow on an odd but funny journey. But makes the content of each chapter very interesting This series is also used as a game theme and is called Larva Heroes: The Lavengers, a reference to the popular Marvel: Avengers series. All games for players to enjoy Plus, the gameplay and features of the game are innovative, fun, and worth exploring. If you like the Larva series for fun, get ready to discover new elements in this game.

Lots of and amazing games

Larva Heroes has a defense and tactical game where players have to use their existing characters to attack enemies or complete goals. The universe within the game is a perfect combination of many elements, and new creatures or enemies appear in increasingly difficult challenges. The enemies and the player’s characters will evolve and become stronger, giving players more strategies for further development. The game offers players entertaining features such as mini-games and the opportunity to interact with each of their familiar characters. Players can then unlock new content and go on with the larvae in countless battles.

User friendly and easy mechanism

The fighting mechanics of the game are very simple. That is, players use cards or combat units and are scattered across the battlefield to defeat the enemy. The rules of the game are very simple, the player character will attack anything in their way until he reaches the enemy base. However, when spawning players will need a unique coin and each card will have a different price to allow players to be more creative on the battlefield. Before the start of battle, players can customize their deck with suitable units, each with a description of each challenge and an example of unexpected difficulty or nature.

Collect embryos and new combat units.

Larva Heroes is an opportunity to promote popular Lavengers episodes to bring new characters to appear, allowing more players to explore the game’s content. The larva gathering system is always adapted to all the familiar characters in the series, and even villains can become a player’s unit when they are successfully collected. Players can collect new units through rewards or daily mini games only from the game. Each combat unit has its own characteristics and soldiers must coordinate with each other to form a powerful army and defeat the enemy.

Exciting and fun mini games

In-game mini-games are an opportunity for players to collect rare prizes or income, and there will be new mini-games for players to enjoy every day. Not only that But all of the mini-games also refer to episodes that appeared in the Larva series and their respective episodes. In other words, both players will enjoy fun episodes and enjoy the game to earn rewards. Interestingly, players can collect mini-game points for higher rewards, which encourages players to participate in mini-games when the opportunity arises.

Listen to the world map with a number of challenges.

The world map on Larva Heroes is almost endless. But it is full of entertainment and now the game has more than 360 different levels, with players creating new enemies to be more creative. In addition, the world map is a familiar place that will be affected by the war environment and organization and are introduced in the series.

Players will open special challenges with rare rewards. But the difficulty and rules change greatly when challenging a player’s maneuver or strategy. Players by completing challenges, when you collect enough stars, the game will be rewarded with rich rewards for further development

Update your favorite larvae for more battles.

When players collect enough cards for the process, every player’s larva can be upgraded countless times. Upgrades will open up new embryos abilities and upgrade their bodies to new heights with special features for players to create new embryos. In addition to enhancements, players can combine larvae with special components, improve random strength or stats, and improve combat performance on the battlefield to new heights.


Wonderful event

Clear Hell Dungeon Yon Cash Item ($ 59.99)
Magic Candy 2,625 + Cookies 1,200

* Be careful! You need to update to the latest version.

Game story based on “The Adventures Episode Season-21”
Now! Let’s protect New York City from enemies.

You can choose your favorite hero character.

1. Yellow 2. Red 3. Super Yellow 4. Guide Brown 5. Black Night 6. Rainbow Warrior

Hero You can fight with heroes with your Hero Friends 10 characters.
Yellow / Red / Super Yellow / Red Mask / Cyborg Red / Iron Red / Viking Red / Ninja Red /
Kung Fu Red / Red Solo
Total difficulty of 360 levels on each difficulty> Aha! Great game time! ◆

The fun and tension of the game changes with every difficulty.
Beginners should run Easy Mode and try to run Master Master Mode.

Play how to play / tips

The movement and attacks of the defense game continue from side to side.
Units and skills are available with touching a channel.
Keep the defenses in order and fight the attackers strategically.
The location of the war is very important.

Larva Heroes / Gooleplay

If you suggest Larva Heroes friends’ invitations and game installations, you should get items.
3 Hero characters. Also you can find leaderboards and rankings for Cool Play selection.

Captain Jack: Choose Fortune Cookie

If you destroy each mode, the game level You will receive a ‘Captain Jack’ coupon.
You can get gold, items, magic candy with fortune cookies.

Hero transformation mode

In the game, you can turn your hero character into a powerful hero and use your mighty hero’s skills.
This creates an opportunity to counter the most

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